Forrest Yoga  60


Forrest Yoga is a style of yoga that was devised by American yogi and author Ana T. Forrest. One of its motto’s is “Go Deeper” and it is based on a combination of intense Asana Practice that’s designed to help improve the yogi both physically and emotionally and ceremony of music and dance to connect to “spirit.”

Forrest yoga emphasizes abdominal exercises, breathing and the relaxation of the neck to help strengthen and recover the areas most vulnerable to modern-day people, such as the low back and neck. It also includes long series’ of standing postures and holding positions. The yoga studio in which it is practiced will typically be heated to 85° F (29° C) for this type of yoga.

The idea behind this yoga style is that the practitioner should connect with their feelings and evolve out of their own personal issues, whether they are of a physical or emotional nature

Ages 16+