‘Why You Should Give A Sh*t?’  With The Gut Stuff

Thursday 10th March: 6.30pm

(1 hour)

Join the Mac Twins & Gut Stuff founders Lisa and Alana Macfarlane to sip on kombucha and nibble on kimchi as they tell you why you need to give a sh*t. Journey into gut health, this is a bite-size introduction that’s easy to digest, including…

What exactly is the gut and where’s the science at?
Gut microbiome? Huh?
Gut basics we can all switch into our lives
How your gut and brain are connected (hint: in lots of ways)
How to live that good gut life

Q&A – If you’d like to submit any questions for the Q&A please send to hello@thegutstuff.com or ask us on the day!

DJ’s and Presenters Lisa and Alana Macfarlane (The Mac Twins), have done everything from DJing at the Olympics, to presenting on the Brits red carpet, regular live radio shows for BBC 1xtra and Virgin Radio, creating their own DJ gaming live battle show and being the Official Love Island DJ’s, but they can now add CEO’s business women to that list and The Gut Stuff is their proudest venture to date. After having their guts analysed for medical research, they made it their mission from the beginning to bring together all the experts in “gut health” to have a diverse group of people at the top of their game, which means their approach and attitude always replaces the bull sh*t with the real sh*t.

The Gut Stuff was launched in 2017 by Alana and Lisa Macfarlane, following the founders’ participation in a ground-breaking piece of research into whether gut health (your microbiome) is determined by genetics or environmental factors. The research was led by expert in genetics and nutrition Professor Tim Spector of Kings College London. It was here their gut journey began.

£10 / person

Ages 16+