Foraging: Wild Larder Sessions

Every Sunday: 10am & 2pm

2.5 hour long

Join experienced forager George Fredenham on a special guided tour of our ground, discovering and learning all about plants and edibles along the way, whilst also carefully selecting your own batch of foraged goods to enjoy for yourself. For George, it’s all about feeding his passion of wild flavours, interacting with nature and providing an unforgettable experience.

At the end of the foraging tour, George will then guide the group through a cookery process to work with the ingredients you’ve found that day. Be it infusing, pickling, preserving, cooking techniques or creating special drinks – you can be sure that you will taste an array of delicious new discoveries.

Core values:

Wild Flavour
Foraged flavours are natural, honest, and with a bit of earth still on it. There are no convoluted supply chains here, and no air miles, only what’s real and what’s good.

Old Ways
Pick things from the ground and putt them into your mouth – because that’s what hands are for. George believes in hunting and gathering and feeding ourselves. Not so very long ago, human life depended upon a relationship with the natural world that has been almost lost today. It is clear we want that much skill and knowledge back. George wants to keep tradition alive – as well as surviving the winter himself!

Rummaging through the hedgerows can become as exciting as a child in a sweet shop, but we must never take too much, and always be sure to make the most of whatever you take. We value the root as much as the bloom and we try to avoid waste in everything we do.

Spreading the word
Most of all, George believes in the sheer joy of foraging. Sharing it together! Wrap up warm and head into the forest, get mud under your fingernails. With wild food banquets, walks, talks, demonstrations and expeditions, we want to find the natural forager in everyone.

£35 / person

Ages 12+

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