DJs and music

Every Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Thursday: 6pm-9pm
Friday: 3pm-6pm / 6pm-10pm / 10pm-2am
Saturday: 3-6pm / 6-10pm / 10pm-2am

Music is the soul of life, and that certainly rings true at Birch. Great music to backdrop hanging out, eating and drinking, chilling out, dancing without abandon… you can do it all at Birch, every week.

Our beautiful outdoor ‘DJ cube’ is open and in action every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 10pm, and then we have more fun inside at Links Bar until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.

We have some of the very best selectors as regular residents, and do look out for some extra special talents (DJ and live) popping up at Birch this summer to sprinkle even more magic.

Join us!

Got a question? Just drop our Experience Makers a line at