The Zen Den: Reset, Resculpt & Relax

Reset your energy, resculpt your temples and relax at our Full Moon workshop House of Roxy. Welcomed with Shroom Mood Latte’s made with House of Roxy’s adaptogenic blend to help reset your energy and boost your mood! Following on, our Facial Sculpting expert Roxy will lead an in-depth masterclass on how to sculpt and define your face using unique techniques. Different movements taught by Roxy will help contour and de-puff your face within minutes.
After feeling plumped and sculpted, Roxy will guide you through a powerful manifesting ritual. Learn to cleanse your energy, let go of things that no longer serve you and manifest your dreams. Closing with a manifesting meditation to affirm all your intentions.
What is manifesting? Manifesting is co-creating with the universe to attract your desires and wants. Its like asking the universe for that helping hand to get you where you need to go.

Ages 16+

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