The Zen Den: Permission to Reset™ The Festive Season

This technique is designed to literally free your mind from any fixed viewpoints, as you experience life with new and open perspectives. As you apply the techniques you will enter into a state of presence very quickly. This creates a powerful healing space where peace, fresh insights, and an open mind become your default setting. It is an elegant process that is incredibly simple to learn and is a pathway into maintaining a peaceful state of being.

Learn how to bounce back quickly from stress: The Permission to Reset™ Anxiety techniques teach people a variety of ways to reset anxiety levels quickly.To make this realistic the techniques in this workshop are short, fast and effective.They can be used during your day and some take as little as 30 seconds.

After any stressful situation it is essential to have access to tools and techniques that you can use frequently and easily to bring you back into a state of balance. The techniques in this unique workshop are exceptional at doing this quickly and stopping fight or flight symptoms.

I have taught these techniques in various settings, including corporate, charities, women’s groups and to many key workers during lockdown. The feedback from clients about the phenomenal Permissioning and Transformation™ techniques consistently blows me away. Success stories include overcoming depression, anxiety, panic attacks, worklife balance is sues and so much more.

Ages 16+

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