The Zen Den: Nourishing Yin Yoga & Relaxation

Sunday 10th October: 4.30pm

(1 hour)

To celebrate Mental Health Day, take a pause to find spaciousness within. Experience the deep nourishment of Yin + Yoga Nidra to rest and revive your whole being.

Recharge and take a pause to allow for deep rest and release. When we release, we revive and thrive.

For this, Yin yoga is a slow, still practice that helps to release the connective tissues of the body and held stress, cultivating a deep sense of awareness of the mind-body connection.

Yoga Nidra, known as a state of deep conscious sleep, is a simple yet profound tool that helps unwind the nervous system, reduce levels of stress and anxiety, improves mood and boosts all-round wellbeing. By allowing your body to fully slumber whilst keeping your mind alert we get to experience a beautiful conscious state and experience one’s life more fully.

The session will consist of intention setting, gentle movements, breathe awareness, rotation of consciousness, beautiful visualisation and deep rest.

A true tonic for life.

£10 / person

Ages 16+