The Zen Den: Energy Reset

Sunday 30th January: 4pm

(1.5 hours)

What better way to begin the year than by resetting your energy to it’s highest, healthiest and most powerful vibration. Energy is our most important commodity and its fair to say many of us have been spending a lot of it over Christmas and New Year. All that energy going outward can affect every aspect of our physical and mental health because if we are running on empty we encourage stress, fatigue and inevitably burn out pretty fast.

This immersive workshop will help you to learn how your energy flows, how to cleanse and heal your body, to set mental boundaries for the year ahead so you’re not running on empty. Facilitated by leading therapist & healer Ruth Anne Adams, reset your energetic system to leave you restored and ready for the challenges of a busy, modern life.

£25 / person

Ages 16+