The Zen Den: Autumnal Sound Healing

The sound journey will gently guide you to a state of deep relaxation, reducing your stress levels. This is due to the sounds activating your parasympathetic nervous system, your ‘rest and digest’ state. The vibrations from the instruments make their way through your body releasing tensions improving your overall sense of wellbeing.

Please arrive wearing comfortable clothes as you will be either lying down or sitting for the duration of the session.
Lauren Raby is the founder of Saiki Wellness and a certified Sound Healing Practitioner who uses a selection of instruments to re-align your energy, including a Planetary Gong, Quartz Crystal Singing bowls and Koshi chimes.

Please note: Sound Healing is suitable for many people, however there are a few conditions which are recommended contraindications. These include people with epilepsy, fitted pacemakers, or those in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Ages 16+

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