Take ten with… Ola Christian


Every month we’ll be asking one of your fellow members (maybe you soon?) ten questions so we can all get familiar.

While we’re no Oprah, our conversation style is a bit different. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them, learn something new, and get a few new recommendations along the way. 

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Ola Christian

What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is Ola Christian and I am a Nigerian British-born casting director and producer based in London.

I run a casting agency called LEVILE for diverse talent and audiences in the UK and my work ranges from commercials, short films, feature films and music promos for international artists. I take pride in elevating people from my community and culture.

Go-to joke:

Q. Knock Knock.

A. Who’s there?

Q. Tank.

A. Tank who?

Q. You’re welcome.


Currently working on:

My next feature film which begins filming in late 2022 with a very exciting team and cast. The process of collaborating on a feature film is one of beauty but also presents a variety of challenges. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Useful tip about working with diverse talent and audiences:

A form of good practice is to contact people who work within the specialised area you’re exploring. Tap into their knowledge and expertise regarding the audiences you’re trying to reach or the talent you want to collaborate with.

Collaboration is key to understanding the audience.

Would love some help with…

There’s nothing specific right now that I need help with, but I love to build relationships with people. I’m the big guy you’ll see strolling around the Links Bar Terrace so feel free to wave or give me a fist pump.

Birch’s best kept secret:

The people you meet. I have met a few incredible people just by overhearing a conversation and connecting with them! Also the gym is a fantastic way to start your morning, have a shower and get to work.

The Screening Room is another hidden gem. I’m a big TV and film boffin, so any chance to watch a movie or series, I’m totally up for it.

Now on repeat:

‘The High Performance Podcast’ is a great way to expand my knowledge in different industries from experts at the top of their profession. It’s hosted by Jake Humphey.

Also, an honourable shout out to the ‘Halfcast Podcast’ by Chuckie Online.

Just watched:

Snowfall starring Damson Idris – incredible series! I’m waiting for Money Heist to kick off again, it’s the best show out there right now (‘Bella Ciao’ – if you know, you know).

Reading right now:

Relentless by Tim S. Grover, Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson and Poor by Caleb Femi. All three books are very different but valuable at the same time. I highly recommend all three!

Can’t recommend enough:

I have been learning a lot more about the environment and recently came across a talk on Youtube about a zero marginal cost society by Jeremy Rifkin. He talks about ways to increase sustainability and optimise efficiency for the long term benefit of our planet.

Also, I recently began stretching and incorporating yoga into my daily routine. It really helps to relieve tightness in my body physically and mentally, so I would strongly recommend this!