SOUND & VISION: Build a synthesiser

Thursday 29th July: 10am

3 hours long

This summer at Birch we are offering The Midweeker, a new type of stay from Monday to Thursday that offers a wide range of incredible experiences for guests. Commencing on 12th July and set over eight consecutive weeks, each week will be both a celebration and exploration into a different theme.

For our third week, our theme is Sound & Vision and we are excited to be partnering with some amazing talent to provide a 4-day programme full of fun and interesting opportunities.

Do you love music and instruments? Here’s an opportunity to build your very own synthesiser under the expert guidance of Tom Mclean – founder of Synth Club. Over three hours you will learn how to piece together and solder components, explore the possibilities of electronics and learn about audio synthesis.

The workshop is designed and curated to provide an informative and fulfilling experience that is accessible and fun, and from which you will take away a piece of equipment you can modify, play around with and keep for years to come.

£55 / person

Ages 13+

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