JOY Bomb Brings JOYMart to life.
‘Play don’t Pay’


This summer, JOY Bomb London brings you JOYMart – an extraordinary pop-up art experience in collaboration with award winning hotel and members club, Birch.

Launching at the Birch (Selsdon), audiences are invited to enter a whimsical world where the conventions of traditional commerce are gleefully subverted. Explore, interact, and reconnect with creativity as you play-shop your worries away.

At JOYMart, fun reigns supreme, and the only currency in the till is imagination. Its mission is to foster a culture that cherishes the value of playfulness, not only for children, but adults, too. Play unlocks many scientifically proven health benefits including stress and anxiety reduction, improved mood, better problem-solving skills and cognitive function, as well as increased emotional resilience.

Crucially, imaginative play also encourages a sense of creative community and connection, a key part of Birch’s ethos and is essential to our well-being as JOY-ful creatures.

Located in between reception and Elodie at Birch (Selsdon), JOYMart is a celebration of spontaneity, imagination, and the wonders of being fully present in the moment. Come in, grab a trolley and give your younger self room to romp. Wander the aisles and take in the guilt-free goodness of play.

Event Details:

Grab a basket and join Store Manager Panda for an especially playful evening.

This extraordinary pop-up art experience will be open to Birch members, guests.

Store Manager Panda will also be making a special appearance on the following dates and times:

25-Aug Friday – 5pm-8pm

26-Aug Saturday – 11am-8pm

27-Aug Sunday – 11am-4pm

28-Aug Monday – 11am-4pm

29-Aug Tuesday Exhibit Opens

30-Aug Wednesday – 5pm-8pm

31-Aug Thursday – 11am-8pm

1-Sep Friday – 11am-8pm

2-Sep Saturday – 11am-8pm

3-Sep Sunday – 11am-3pm