Restore & Transform Into 2023

Expect a delicious organic cacao elixir, sharing circle and smudging. Followed by calming breathwork, meditation, restorative yoga, constructive rest and a soothing sound bath. Allowing you to drift off in a sea of enchanting sounds of planetary gongs, crystal alchemy bowls and a variety of otherworldly vibrations & tones. You will no doubt feel restored and refreshed to start your new year with an open heart & clear mind.

When people with similar intentions sit in circle, magic happens. And I don’t mean it in the supernatural sense. When people sit in a circle, the physical setup requires us to see each other. We can’t help but look into each other’s eyes. We can’t help but listen to what is being said. Suddenly, the human connection that we’ve been hungry for doesn’t seem so hard to come by.

I think that when we engage in a meaningful ritual on the right occasion, it can transform us. Group rites are innate to human culture and they provide structure for experiencing profound moments together.
Such authentic togetherness is what many people are thirsty for, especially now when a substantial part of our social lives happens online.
Join Mel, your guide & facilitator for this Special New Years Day intention setting experience.

Ages 16+

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