Pause & Unwind: The Retreat To Soothe & Heal Your Nervous System

Gather & connect at this dreamy afternoon retreat with Nutritionist & wellness practitioner Grace Carey-Caton as she guides you through the exact steps to take to soothe & heal your nervous system so that you can say goodbye to stress, anxiety or insomnia and hello to feeling grounded, relaxed & balanced in mind body & soul.

In this immersive experience Grace will lead you through workshops using the power of specific nutrition, herbs, plant medicine, lifestyle hacks & mindfulness techniques to support you to recharge & restore. The retreat will open and close with healing & restorative meditation practices and there will also be a cacao ceremony to reconnect you within to your heart & soul.

You’ll leave the retreat feeling rested, connected, replenished, calm & at peace with the tangible tools to continue to regulate your nervous system.

What to expect:
Healing meditations & breathwork sessions
Nutrition & herb workshops to learn how to relax & restore your body
Mindset & lifestyle workshops to learn how to heal & nurture your mind
Cacao ceremony to reconnect you within
Herbal teas & refreshments throughout
A goodie bag of wellness dreams!