NATURE & GROWING: Woodland habitat building

Monday 2nd August: 10am & 3pm

3 hours long

This summer at Birch we are offering The Midweeker, a new type of stay from Monday to Thursday that offers a wide range of incredible experiences for guests. Commencing on 12th July and set over eight consecutive weeks, each week will be both a celebration and exploration into a different theme.

For our fourth week, our theme is Nature & Growing and we are excited to be partnering with some amazing talent to provide a 4-day programme full of fun and interesting opportunities.

In this session you will get hands on alongside our resident farmer Tom Morphew from Full Circle Farm. Our Woodland encompasses a rich and diverse range of habitats for plants and animals, some of which require management for their creation and maintenance. As well as learning and absorbing all that nature has to offer, you will also in-turn be supporting a whole eco-system of life that lives within our woods.

£20 / person

Ages 12+

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