Your new city escape

Birch doesn’t have to be for just one day or weekend. As a member you get an access-all-areas pass.

What’s on offer? Lots on offer!

Work on Monday. Lengths at the Lido on Tuesday. Work out on Wednesday. Take a treatment on Thursday. Sleep with us on Friday. Spin on Saturday. Craft clay on Sunday. Refresh and repeat.

Birch is less a members club. More a community of open-minded people looking for fun.


We’re all about what you know, not who you know, meaning that anyone and everyone can apply. That said, we’re big on creating a diverse community that’s full of different people and different interests.


For that reason we’ll ask a few questions to make sure we’re a good match for each other.



Member benefits

Birch loves…

New ideas. That means finding, and giving you, ways to do things differently. Growing, learning, improving.

Free spirits, eccentricity and flare. You can be whoever you want here and do whatever you please.

Birch loathes…

Airs and graces. We’re all just trying to get on with life and have fun. Go up to a baker. Start a conversation. Don’t be shy on our account. 

Taking ourselves seriously. Let the rest of the world do that.