Learn to DJ workshop with Hayley Kennedy

Awaken your inner DJ at this new ‘Learn to DJ’ workshop at Birch hosted by Hayley Kennedy (founder of The DJ Workshop).

As a professional DJ herself, Hayley launched these sessions with a vision to make DJing accessible for the curious. Her mission is to teach the fundamentals to all, from understanding music genres, beat matching, track mixing and delivering a great set. 

The workshops give attendees the opportunity to use and get familiar with the most up to date equipment and understand the art of DJing in a relaxed environment. It’s a group session (max 8 people) across 90mins, with two people sharing one DJ controller. 

Everyone will leave the session with newly gained knowledge, confidence and experience, as well as your own USB featuring a selection of tracks used in the workshop, a workbook for further reading and a recording of your own mix.

Ages 12+
(ages 12-17 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)

Got a question? Just drop our Experience Makers a line at reservations@birchcommunity.com