Is Birch open?


Can anyone stay and visit Birch?

Short answer: yes.

Slightly longer one: just do one of four things…

  • Book a room for the night.
  • Book into The Zebra Riding Club for lunch or dinner.
  • Host an event, work meeting or party at Birch, or be a guest of one of those.
  • Become a member and you can come and go as you please.

Where can I book?

If you want to sleep with us, head here.

If you want to become a member you can join today here

If you want to eat at The Zebra Riding Club – our indoor/outdoor restaurant open Wednesday to Sunday – book a table here.


Can anyone eat in The Zebra Riding Club?

Yes. You don’t need to be staying the night with us, or a member, to eat in The Zebra Riding Club. You do need to book ahead though. Head here to do that.

What are the Weekender and WFB stays all about?

When you come to book a stay, and once you’ve decided what size room you want, you’ll notice one of two options: weekender or reconnect. Here’s what those mean…

Weekender: Book a stay for Friday and Saturday night, and Sunday night’s on us. You don’t have to use it, but we feel that an extra night means you can make the most of your weekend and really settle into your Sunday. 

Note: To unlock the ‘Weekender’ availability, set your arrival to Friday and your departure to Monday. Don’t worry, the rate you will see is just for the two nights.  

WFB: Switch ‘working from home’ to ‘working from Birch’ with a midweek stay. You’ll get full use of our Wellness Space, 55 acres of nature, and co-working space (The Hub). So whether you’re looking for a little reset, or just a new office for the day, we’ve got you covered.

What time is check in and check out?

We guarantee your room will be ready from 3pm. Check-out is 11am. Feel free to arrive earlier or leave later… There’s plenty to do around the grounds, in The Hub, or in our two restaurants and three bars.

What’s your room cancellation policy?

As we come further out of lockdown no one really knows what might happen to the world in the coming weeks or months. That’s why, until the end of 2020, you can cancel a booking up to 7 days prior to your stay and still get a full refund.

What kind of stuff can I do while I’m at Birch?

Birch looks like a hotel but feels like a festival (i.e. there’s a lot to do here). 

We run a full events programme (from art workshops and maker masterclasses, to festivals and parties), a busy workout schedule (30+ yoga/spin/HIIT classes every week), and a growing programme which includes gardening lessons, foraging walks, and pottery classes.

Work, rest, and play in our Interactive Bakery, three bars, two restaurants run by Robin Gill, co-working space called The Hub, Wellness Space, and pottery, screening, music, and art rooms.

Of course, you can always just rest and reset with a long sleep and lazy walk around our 55 acres of nature.

Can I book one of your events or classes?

We run a range of events – like pottery workshops, candle making masterclasses, or spoon carving courses. And classes – like riding, stretching, and sculpting. You get total access to them when you stay with us or if you’re a member.

If I’m staying with you, how can I book an event or class?

Two weeks before your stay we’ll send you details so you can log in to our website, see what’s going on while you’re with us, and book any events or classes you want.

You can also walk up to one of our on-site butchers, bakers, or pottery makers at any time and ask them to teach you something new. They don’t bite.


What can I do for exercise?

There are plenty of ways for you to work up a sweat at Birch… Run in our 55 acres of land or in the Gym. Swim in our 25-metre lido (opening Spring 2021). Spin, sculpt, and stretch in one of our 30+ weekly classes. Or head out for a foraging walk with farmer Tom.

What’s the easiest way to get to Birch (handle.silk.comet)?

Catch a train from London Liverpool Street station to Cheshunt station. It’s then a 5-10 minute taxi or Uber from the station to us. If you’re getting an Uber, book it around 5-10 minutes before you arrive at Cheshunt station and it should get there when you do. The whole trip should take 30-40 minutes.

Our postcode is EN7 5HW. Our what3words is ///handle.silk.comet. If you’re driving, we’re just off the M25 and have plenty of space for parking. Cycling? We can store your bike safely.

Are kids welcome?

Of course. We just ask that children are always with a parent or guardian.

If you’re sleeping over then you may want to choose a Bunk room which is ideal for families. We also have some double rooms that fit an extra bed. Got more than two kids? Can’t find what you’re looking for? Drop us a note and we’ll try sort something.

Is there stuff for kids to do?

Yep – a bucket and spade load.

Outside you’ve got trees, nature, chickens, and open spaces. Inside you’ve got the Arcade (our games room), bakery, Art Room and Screening Room. And all over the place we’ve got frisbees, films, and board games.

We run events for kids too. Like Forest School every Saturday. And there are also plenty of family friendly classes such as pottery workshops or Collage Club that are great to do together with your children. That’s not to mention nature walks and egg collecting with farmer Tom, or drop-in soda bread making sessions with the bakers. We adapt our schedule to seasonality so there’s always plenty going on at the weekends and during the school holidays.

Wander the woods. Get dirty. Make memories. Birch is a playground for all.

Can I bring my dog?

Yep. They’re welcome in all our communal areas (excluding the Interactive Bakery). Just be considerate of others. While you love your dog, and we love your dog, not everyone may be a fan.

If you want them to sleep over too just let us know in advance via the comments box at the time you make your reservation so we can plan accordingly. It’s £15 for the stay (regardless of how many dogs you’re bringing or nights you’re staying).


Cash or card?

Birch (handle.silk.comet) is cashless so no notes or coins needed. We accept all major cards, including Amex.

Our Approach to Covid

Has Birch changed because of COVID?

Yes in terms of keeping things safe. But no, not in terms of what you can do with us…

Birch is about creating open spaces that bring people together. And while recent months have changed some things, they’ve not changed how you can enjoy Birch. 

We’ve made sure everything is safe inside, but Birch is best on the outside anyway. From garden feasts and fire pits. To laid-back picnics with plenty of drinks.

Guidelines have been followed and best practices are in place. And with 55 acres of nature to explore, enjoy, and escape in, you can be as solitary or as social as you like at Birch.


How are you keeping Birch safe? 

  1.     We’ve carried out risk assessments and put together our own policy and practices to keep everyone safe.  
  2.     We’ve put in place measures to make sure that any of the Birch team you interact with are safe and healthy.
  3.     We’ve implemented processes to help with safe and social distancing.
  4.     We’ve set up shed loads of sanitising stations for everyone to use.


That’s some of the physical health pointers, but your emotional health is also so important. Fun, laughter, and togetherness are at the top of our priority list right now. 

Help us with the safe stuff above, and we promise to let you get on with the best bits of Birch. Without any mention of the C word.

It will be safe, sociable, and damn exciting. It’s time to reconnect.

What’s open?

Everything, unless advice changes (the Lido opens Spring 2021). Of course, how you would ‘normally’ use The Wellness Space, The Hub, Valeries or our bars is slightly different. But…

The Zebra Riding Club restaurant is in full swing. The drinks trolleys are out. And there are some hidden extras along the way.

We’re running a full events and classes programme which includes workshops, talks, and drop-in sessions. And with summer here we’re making full use of our 55 acres of nature.

If you are using the Wellness Space just remember that although we have changing rooms it’s currently best to arrive in your kit and shower at home if you can. And do remember your water bottle. We have a fountain but, for obvious reasons, it’s currently no mouth to tap.


I’m bored working from home. Can you help?

Ok, we’ve planted this question. But while you’re here, the answer is yes… 

Our co-working space, The Hub, will be open. Bring your laptop, grab a coffee, and get creative. There are plenty of charging points around, with hot desks and phone booths also available.

The Hub is open to members and anyone staying with us (if you’re coming midweek then our ‘WFB’ stay is for you – more on that above). Want to know more about membership? This way please.

How will I eat and drink?


Robin Gill, who’s in charge of all our food and drink, is creating new ways for you to feast on food. Like outdoor BBQs, wood-fired ovens, and grab-and-go meals to enjoy on rugs outside. That’s not to mention The Zebra Riding Club restaurant which will make full use of its inside/outside space. 

Rest assured, there will be plenty on the menu.

Staying with us? The next few questions are for you…

How does check-in work?

 Two days before your stay we’ll send you an email so you can check in online. Keep an eye out for it. It will make your arrival even easier.

How do I get through Birch’s entrance gate?

We should have your car reg assuming you’ve checked in online. We will get you set up on the gate so that you can come and go as you please during your stay. Any issues just shout. If you’re arriving by taxi, just ring the buzzer.

Where do I park?

There’s loads of parking which we’ll direct you to when you arrive. First off though, swing by the Mansion House to say hi.

When will my room be ready?

3pm is the general rule of thumb. However, feel free to arrive earlier. Grab some food. Work in The Hub. Work out in the Wellness Space. Meet the chickens. Birch is all yours.

When does my room get cleaned?

Before your stay we’ll do a deep clean and check of the room. Once you’re in, it’s your private space and we won’t come in again until you say goodbye. We want your room to be your space.

Of course if you need anything then just ask our Placemakers.

How do I contact a Placemaker? 

Call, text, WhatsApp: 07899 005 487. Any time. Any request.

What if I need an iron?

Speak with our Placemakers and we’ll sort it. FYI: this goes for most things.

You say Birch is ‘pay as you go.’ What does that mean?

Nothing too tricky here… You pay for things as you use them. Eat something, pay there and then. Drink something, ditto. This avoids any annoying check-out nonsense so you can come and go easily. 

Wanna go old skool and set up a credit account to charge things to? No worries. Chat with our Placemakers and we’ll sort it.

What do I need to do to check out?

Basically nothing. Just drop your key at Reception whenever you want to go before 11am and leave it at that. This avoids you having to queue in a check-out line for 20 minutes. 

So, just to repeat… Drop your key at reception. That’s it. 

What is grab-and-go food?

Given the past few months (and to max out on our 55 acres of grounds), Robin Gill – who’s in charge of all our food and drink – has created numerous new ways for you to feast on food at Birch. Like outdoor BBQs, wood-fired ovens, and grab-and-go meals to enjoy on rugs outside.

To order these grab-and-go meals, scan your QR code (more on that in a sec). This will take you to a website where you can order what you want. You can then pick it up from Valeries and take it wherever you like. Our fave spots? The back lawn and Valeries itself. Want a more serene spot? Try the Library, or even on a deckchair in the Screening Room.

How do I order grab-and-go food?

When you arrive you’ll meet one of our Placemakers who will set you up with a QR code which gives you access to our food and drinks menus (picnics, main menu etc.). From there you can opt for whatever you fancy. Be sure to choose the ‘collection’ option.

We’ll give you a rough time for when your food will be ready but, if you add your number to your order, we can also call/text you when it’s ready to collect. Then pop into Valeries. Pick things up. And head on your way.

You can order lunch between 12-5pm. And dinner between 5-9.30pm.


Is The Zebra Riding Club grab-and-go too? 

No. The Zebra Riding Club is running as you would expect (Wednesday to Sunday) and you can book a table here. Tables are spaced and, as The ZRC is an indoor/outdoor restaurant, there’s plenty of fresh air to drink in. Bookings open a month in advance of a given day. Note: it’s best to book ahead to avoid a sad face come your stay.

What are BBQ pits?

Take matters into your own hands with a DIY feast (meat and veg boxes available) at one of our bookable BBQ pits (various sizes available up to 15 people). We’ll give you all the instructions, tongs, and treats you need. And you can max out on a great drinks menu we’ve set up specifically for BBQ time.

Book an afternoon pit and it’s yours till 5pm. Book an evening pit and it’s yours till 11pm. Whatever you decide, it’s best to book in advance here.

A day before your booking we’ll give you a call to check whether you want a meat or veg box. Then at the time of your booking head to Valeries to pick up your order and pay.

It’s £30 for an adult, £12 for a child. See what you’ll be eating here (scroll to the bottom).


What about drinks?

The Links Bar is open as usual. We’ve tried to keep ordering super simple, and when you’re in the bar you’ll have a decent idea of what you need to do. Generally, if you can read the drinks chalkboard you need to order at the bar. 

Some areas have table service. All areas have a person to help you if needed. Still unsure? Who you gonna call… Our Placemakers.

What about breakfast?

Pop to the Links Bar or Store and grab some food, coffee, tea etc. direct. You can take it wherever you like. Literally, wherever. If the door of a room is open, head on in.

I haven’t booked any events or classes. Can I still join one? And how do I know what is on today?

See what’s on at our events or classes page. You can book through there. Or, head to Reception and you can see that day’s schedule. The Placemakers can get you booked onto things and chat to you about what’s what.  

Yes, it’s best to book this stuff in advance. However, there’s plenty going on so we’ll do our best to get you into something.

Final one… What is open?  And when is it open?

The Zebra Riding Club

Wednesday (6pm – 9.30pm).

Thursday – Saturday (12pm – 3pm & 6pm – 9:30pm). 

Sunday (12pm – 3pm).

Links Bar

For breakfast, every day (9am – 11am).

For drinks, every day (9am – midnight or 2am, depending on demand). 


For breakfast, every day (7am – midday).

For lunch, every day (midday – 4pm).

For dinner, sorry, we shut up shop.

Wellness Space

Monday – Friday (7am – 8.30pm)

Saturday – Sunday (8am – 6pm)

Grab and go

Lunch, every day (12pm – 5pm)

Dinner, every day (5pm – 9.30pm)




P.S. If you can’t find what you need, don’t have want you want, or just fancy a natter, our Placemakers are there to chat. No question too small or silly.

Right, enough of all the questions already. Just come see for yourself.