Explore: Samhain: Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing


Samhain is the traditional name for what is now known as Halloween. A time of year where legend claims the ‘veil’ between our world and the next is at its thinnest, we celebrate the darkness that shrouds us and give thanks to the world beyond.
Surrender with us as we flow through an abundant ceremony of guided movement, breath-work, sacred cacao and radiant sound bath facilitated by Birch resident, Molly Chinner.
Sacred cacao has been used for millennia by indigenous peoples to open the heart and awaken the soul. A gentle and expansive plant medicine, Cacao allows us to step outside of the mind and enter the heart, clearing a pathway for our greatest wants and needs to unravel without resistance. When drunk in ceremony, Cacao can be a transformational and loving medicine. During this session we will welcome in the spirit of Cacao with love as she guides our intentions into a new era of love + blossoming beauty.
You will be guided through a potent, activated breath-work and gentle movement practice, rooting into a felt sense of the body and what is present within each of us as we flow through this portal. Using the power of the breath + body we will awaken our flow of energy and connect back to our highest Self. Without fear present, we move into love, joy and gratitude.
Finishing with an ambient soundscape of crystal bowls, drums, chimes and sacred mantra.
Come bearing an open heart and a big smile for an evening of love and community (plus keepsakes to take home!)

Ages 16+

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