Explore: Reset Refresh Rebalance: Nutrition & Wellness Mini Retreat

Join Nutritionist Grace Carey-Caton on this mini retreat workshop as we learn how to RESET our bodies, REFRESH our energy & REBALANCE our minds to prepare for the new winter season ahead using the power of nutrition & wellness.

The afternoon will start with refreshments & a welcome meditation to rebalance the mind, set intentions for the day ahead and to begin to visualise and step into your next level self & health.

Grace will then lead you through your first workshop to RESET the body. You will learn how the goodness of specific herbs and nutrition can support gentle cleansing of the liver, lymphatic system & digestive system to get you back to feeling your best for the season ahead.

To support alongside this internal reset & cleansing we will then be taking part in a creative workshop to support external environment cleansing by making our very own smudge sticks for you to take home. Using a group of specific herbs to help clear unwanted negative energy to physically cleanse your space.

Next up Grace will lead you through the second nutrition workshop to REFRESH and optimise your energy levels. You’ll carry out a personal audit to understand what contributes to your energy and set health goals. Grace will outline the key nutrients needed for optimal energy and explain how to make every meal work best for your body & energy.

Lastly Grace will guide you through your mindset workshop to support you to REBALANCE your mind & spirit. You will release what isn’t currently serving you & get clear on your visions, dreams & goals for your future self so that you can step into your most aligned and abundant version of you.

You’ll leave the mini retreat with a plan of action for your health for the season ahead, a fresh outlook on how to optimise your body & mind and a goodie bag full of juicy wellness treats to support you in your journey!


• Energising herbal teas & refreshments
• Welcome meditation & intention setting
• Nutrition Workshops: to RESET the body & REFRESH your energy
• Snacks: Nourishing & delicious snacks throughout
• Mindset Workshops: to REBALANCE your mind & spirit
• Creative workshops: create your very own cleansing smudge stick to take home!
• Goodie bag with an array of wellness products

Ages 16+

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