EXPLORE: Deep Listening & Sensory Stimulation with Kinda Studios

Saturday 20th November: 3.30pm

(1 hour 15 mins)

Deep Listening goes beyond the ears. Join this sonic journey learning the neuroscience of how sound vibrations interact with our physiology and participate in a Deep Listening experience featuring soundscapes from some of the foremost sound artists working with vibrations for transcendental mystical experiences and full-bodied sonic immersion.

This event will feature the latest music from Jon Hopkins and his collaboration with Tayos, a special transcendental listening experience recorded from caves in Ecuador.



Kinda Studios is a women-led creative neuroscience studio that translates science into creative experiences designed to foster connection to ourselves, each other, and nature. Sitting at the intersection of science and art, they work with award-winning researchers, artists and designers to produce pioneering work across the visual arts, sound, and immersive media to accelerate science out of the lab and into the public realm.


Tayos explores our relationship with nature and its role in our wellbeing through Ecuador’s legendary Tayos Caves, they have collaborated with artists, scientists and explorers to release new media experiences connecting us back to nature – https://www.tayos.org/

Jon Hopkins is a world-renowned electronic sound artist, whos track ‘Tayos’ which will be played at this event is featured on his upcoming album Music for Psychedelic Therapy – https://www.jonhopkins.co.uk/

£35 / person

Ages 16+