Take a walk on the wild side


Animal farm

Birch (Cheshunt) sits in 50 acres of nature which means you’re not the only one wandering around and having a good time.

Across our grounds you’ll meet free-roaming pigs, sheep, hens and creatures of all shapes and sizes. Our animals also provide produce for our two on-site restaurants (The Zebra Riding Club and Valeries) – helping us reduce waste, packaging, and food miles.

Below is a little overview of who’s here and what they’re up to…

Who’s currently on our land?

Pigs in woodland

Descended from wild boar, our Oxford Sandy and Black’s natural habitat is woodland. They rootle, turning over clods of earth with their snouts, in search of roots and rhizomes, earthworms and other

Pigs are particularly partial to the deep, strong roots of docks and thistles. This rootling allows hardy plants to thrive and broaden the biodiversity in the area.

The Chickens

At Birch we are well seasoned eggsperts keeping the perfect grounds for our chickens to grow and lay eggs for all at our restaurants to enjoy. Our chickens are very entertaining to watch that you’ll likely find yourself spending a lot more time with them than you anticipated.




The Sheep

The Southdown is one of the oldest breeds in the UK and as the name suggests originates from the native sheep which have roamed the South of England for many hundreds of years.

The bees

There’s no such thing as a typical day in the life of our bee farmer but it can include checking hives for repairs and maintenance; preparing new hives; moving colonies; painting hive parts; making up frames; jarring honey, keeping on top of a working honeybee farm and allocating newly hatching virgins.

Livestock with virtualfences from Nofence.

The animals nearby are grazing without physical fences.
To see their current location and the borders of their virtual pasture, click link below.