Can anyone stay and visit Birch?

Short answer: yes.

Slightly longer one: just do one of four things…

Book a room for the night.

Book into The Zebra Riding Club for lunch or dinner.

Book into Valeries for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Host an event, work meeting or party at Birch, or be a guest of one of those.

Become a member and you can come and go as you please.

Where can I book?

If you want to sleep with us, head here.

If you want to become a member you can join today here

If you want to eat at The Zebra Riding Club – our restaurant led by nature is open Wednesday to Sunday – book a table here.

If you want to eat at Valeries – our all day dining restaurant, book here.

Picnics can be booked by members only or in house guests with your confirmation code and surname or when you arrive.

Can anyone eat in The Zebra Riding Club?

Yes. You don’t need to be staying the night with us, or a member, to eat in The Zebra Riding Club. You do need to book ahead though. An al a carte menu is now available on Wednesday’s & Thursday for dinner and Friday and Saturday for lunch. 

Head here to book.

What are the Weekender and Midweeker stays all about?

Weekender: Book a stay for Friday and Saturday night, and Sunday night’s on us. You don’t have to use it, but we feel that an extra night means you can make the most of your weekend and really settle into your Sunday. Note: To unlock the ‘Weekender’ availability, set your arrival to Friday and your departure to Monday. Don’t worry, the rate you will see is just for the two nights.  

Midweeker: Spend the week at Birch and get a night on us. When you book 3 nights between Sunday & Friday, you’ll pay for two.

What time is check-in and check-out?

We guarantee your room will be ready from 3pm. Check-out is by 11am. Feel free to arrive earlier or leave later… There’s plenty to do around the grounds, in The Hub, or in our two restaurants and bars.

What’s your room cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy varies dependant on the type of room bookking you have. If you need to cancel your room, please email:

What kind of stuff can I do while I’m at Birch Cheshunt?

Birch looks like a hotel but there’s a lot to do here.

We run a full events programme (from art workshops and maker masterclasses, to festivals and parties), a busy workout schedule (30+ yoga/spin/HIIT classes every week), and a growing programme which includes gardening lessons, foraging walks, and pottery classes.

Work, rest, and play in our Bakery, bars, two restaurants run by Robin Gill, co-working space called The Hub, Wellness Space, Pottery Studio, screening, music, and art rooms.

Of course, you can always just rest and reset with a long sleep and lazy walk around our 55 acres of nature.

Can I book one of your events or classes?

We run a range of events – like pottery workshops, candle making masterclasses, and foraging walks. And classes – like riding, stretching, and sculpting. You get total access to them when you stay with us or if you’re a member.

If I’m staying with you, how can I book an event or class?

In house guest, two weeks before your stay we’ll send you details so you can log in to our website, see what’s going on while you’re with us, and book any events or classes you want. 

Members, you will have access to your portal 24/7 and can book whenever you like.

What can I do for exercise?

There are plenty of ways for you to work up a sweat at Birch… Run in our 55 acres of land or in the Gym. Swim in our 25-metre lido. Spin, sculpt, and stretch in one of our 30+ weekly classes. Or head out for a foraging walk with our makers.

Can I get pampered?

We’ve created wellness practices in response to urban pressures, digital overload, and environmental pollution. These therapies are made to synchronise your body and brain.

Monday – Friday 6.30am – 9pm

Saturday and Sunday 8am – 7pm

What’s the easiest way to get to Birch?

Catch a train from London Liverpool Street station to Cheshunt station. It’s then a 5-10 minute taxi or Uber from the station to us. If you’re getting an Uber, book it around 5-10 minutes before you arrive at Cheshunt station and it should get there when you do. The whole trip should take 30-40 minutes.

Our postcode is EN7 5HW. If you’re driving, we’re just off the M25 and have plenty of space for parking. Cycling? We can store your bike safely.

Need To Know: Although Birch is not far from Cheshunt, we do not recommend that you walk from the station due to a lack of pedestrian walkways and the need to cross a dual carriageway.


Are kids welcome?

Of course. We just ask that children are always with a parent or guardian. If you’re sleeping over then you may want to choose a Bunk room which is ideal for families.

Kids: The ten commandments

Birch is a space for all, and that means it needs to work for all.

With that in mind, if you’re a parent please be mindful of how you use Birch and what your kids are up to. There are areas where kids can make as much noise as they like, but there are also areas where calm and quiet is needed i.e. where others are working, meeting or generally taking time out.

Below is an overview of what this looks like, but really our ethos is simple: be aware of your surroundings. This applies to both parents who are bringing their kids, and others who are bringing their clients. Hopefully we can find the right balance between young and less-young so everyone can have fun and enjoy Birch at its best.

Right, on with the show…

1. To parents (or cool aunts and uncles): unless booked into one of our activities with supervised care, always keep kids within view and never leave them alone in a room or bedroom.

2. Kids should never sit alone at a vacant table.

3. Whatever your age: no running, shouting, or games in the corridors and communal areas. This is to keep everyone safe (and everyone sleeping).

4. Again, whether you’re a 40-year-old Peter Pan or a 5-year-old one, no standing or jumping on furniture.

5. No running on the outdoor terrace where others are having drinks. There’s plenty of space on the lower grass areas at both Birch (Cheshunt) and Birch (Selsdon), or members and guests at Birch (Selsdon) can head to Birchlings where kids rule.

6. Birch (Cheshunt): the Frick bar, and the separate working rooms within The Hub, are out of bounds to kids. Kids are welcome in the Screening Room, Art Room and Music Room, and in the grounds or on the Terrace (but again, see point four).

7. The Lido at Birch (Cheshunt): from Sunday to Wednesday, kids can use the Lido from 10am to close. From Thursday to Saturday they can use it between 10am and 3pm.

8. Kids are welcome to join any of our age-appropriate creative workshops.

So, to summarise…

9. To parents: we don’t want Dennis the Menace running around on the Terrace while others are sipping an Aperol and soaking up the sun.

10. To others: you were a kid once, excited by all the birds and the bees, so please keep in mind that kids will be wandering the grounds or swimming in the Lido (during set times). Parents should keep kids in view at all times, but if something isn’t quite working for you then let us know.

Is there stuff for kids to do?

Yep – a bucket and spade load.

Outside you’ve got nature, chickens, open spaces and the Lido, open to the kids Sunday to Wednesday all day. And Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 3pm.

Inside you’ve got the Arcade (our games room), Bakery, Art Room and Screening Room. And all over the place we’ve got frisbees, films, and board games.

We run events for kids too. Like Young Adventurers Club every Saturday and Funday with Active London every Sunday. That’s not to mention nature walks or drop-in bread making sessions with the bakers. We adapt our schedule to seasonality so there’s always plenty going on at the weekends and during the school holidays.

Wander the woods. Get dirty. Make memories. Birch is a playground for all.

Can I bring my dog?

Yep. They’re welcome in all our communal areas (excluding the Bakery, Lido and Gym). Just be considerate of others. While you love your dog, and we love your dog, not everyone may be a fan. Oh, and please pick up their mess.

If you want them to sleep over too just let us know in advance via the comments box at the time you make your reservation so we can plan accordingly. It’s £15 for the stay (per dog max. 2 dogs per room).

Pets are very welcome at Birch (Cheshunt), but we’ve put together the below rules and regs to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

The golden boy rules

Pets must not be aggressive. They must be clean and not have fleas. And you must have proof of current vaccinations.

If you wish to bring a pet then you must let us know when you book your stay or at check-in.

A maximum of two pets per room is allowed. The weight limit per dog is 50lbs/22kgs, although exceptions can be made for service animals.

You will be charged a non-refundable fee of £15 per pet, per stay. This covers extra cleaning and maintenance costs.

When in public areas, pets must be on a lead at all times. This includes in the hallways, lifts and lobby. Well-behaved dogs are allowed in Valeries and Frick and Links Bar. When using the grounds, pets must be kept on a lead except in areas clearly designated as Lead Free. You are responsible for your pet’s behaviour and owners letting their pet off the lead do so at their own risk.

Pets are not allowed on any furniture anywhere inside or outside the hotel.

You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet(s). We can provide waste bags and disposal stations are located throughout the property.

You must not leave a pet unattended in a bedroom unless they are in a crate or carrier. If a pet is left unattended and causes damage to the room, or other hotel property, you will be held responsible for any repair or replacement costs. You must hang a ‘Pet in Room’ sign on the door. We will not enter the room when that sign is displayed.

You are responsible for any disturbances caused by your pet(s). This includes excessive barking, biting or aggressive behaviour. If a pet is deemed a nuisance by hotel management then you will be asked to make alternative arrangements for your pet(s).

As the pet’s owner you are responsible for any injuries or damage caused by your pet to other guests and hotel staff.

Birch (Selsdon) is not liable for any incidents involving pets and accepts no liability for any damages, injuries caused by or to others, or any other matter arising as a consequence of your pet’s behaviour.

We hope that you and your furry friend will enjoy your stay with us. Just speak to Reception if you have any questions or concerns.

Cash or card?

Birch is cashless so no notes or coins needed. We accept all major cards, including Amex.

The Lido

Do In-House guests get access to the Lido?

Yep, for the whole of your stay. You just need to collect a wristband from Reception for the day you’re using it.

Hotel guests’ towels

 A Lido towel per person will be placed in you room ready for your arrival.

 If you require a new towel during their stay, they you can request a replacement via the Placemaker team.

Pls note: If the lido towel is missing at checkout, then the guest will be charged £10. 

Members and day guests 

Towels will be available at the Lido for days guests via a deposit scheme. Members and guests will be charged £10 per towel and given a receipt.

When you return the towel with your receipt, we will refund you £10.

What are the Lido opening times?

Normal hours are from 6am to dusk (although this changes with the seasons).

Here are the sessions:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday ​

6am-10am : Lane Swimming Only

10am-Close : Open for everyone

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 

6am-10am : Lane Swimming Only 

10am-3pm : Open for everyone

3pm – Close : Adults only

No dogs allowed at any time.

Staying with us?

The next few questions are for you…

How do I get through Birch’s entrance gate?

48 hours before your stay you will receive an email where you can tell us your car reg details. We will get you set up on the gate so that you can come and go as you please during your stay. Any issues just shout. If you’re arriving by taxi, just ring the buzzer.

Where do I park?

There’s loads of parking spaces to choose. First off though, swing by the Mansion House to say hi and check-in.

Do you have an electric vehicle charging station?

We do indeed. Two in fact. If you ever want to use them, here’s how…

Download the ChargePoint app and connect with ‘BirchEV’ to get a discounted charging rate. You’ll pay 24.5p/kWh.

1. Always check that charging has started before you leave your EV.
2. The ChargePoint app will notify you when charging is complete (if you don’t download the app then keep an eye on progress). Please then move your car from the spot so others can use it. If a car’s not moved after 60 minutes then there is a £5/hour charge.
3. When you get back to your car, tap your card or phone on the charger to end the session. Then release the connector and return it to the station.
4. Having any issues? Call the ChargePoint support team 24/7 on 020 7519 5052.

Any issues onsite, please contact the Placemakers on 07899005487.

When will my room be ready?

3pm is the general rule of thumb. However, feel free to arrive earlier. Grab some food. Work in The Hub. Work out in the Wellness Space. Meet the chickens. Birch is all yours. 

When does my room get cleaned?

Before your stay we’ll do a deep clean and check of the room. Once you’re in, it’s your private space and we won’t come in again until you say goodbye. We want your room to be your space. 

Just a quick note! Your rooms are not serviced throughout your stay, however, if you wish to have a refresh we can totally do this between the hours of 9am-4pm.

Of course if you need anything then just ask our Placemakers.

How do I contact a Placemaker? 

Call, text, WhatsApp: 07899 005 487. Any time. We’re 24/7.

What if I need an iron?

Speak with our Placemakers and we’ll sort it. 

You say Birch is ‘pay as you go.’ What does that mean?

Nothing too tricky here… You pay for things as you use them. Eat something, pay there and then. Drink something, ditto. This avoids any annoying check-out nonsense so you can come and go easily. 

Wanna go old skool and set up a credit account to charge things to? No worries. Chat with our Placemakers and we’ll sort it.

What do I need to do to check out?

Basically nothing. Just drop your key at Reception whenever you want to go before 11am and leave it at that. This avoids you having to queue in a check-out line for 20 minutes. 

So, just to repeat… Drop your key at reception. That’s it. 

What do I do for food?

You’ve got a few options here.

The Zebra Riding Club: one of our main attractions. The Zebra Riding Club is a restaurant led by nature with a tasting menu. Book your table here and see opening times here.

Valeries: this all-day dining extravaganza in the middle of the Mansion House (although you can also eat outside on the Valeries Terrace where we have warming heaters and cosy blankets). Please note, you will receive a booking confirmation number which you can use to book your table. The link to book can be found in your pre-stay emails, or here

The Lido Kitchen: style is bbq at the weekends, and seasonal eats during the week, with enough food to keep you full and fuelled. The opening times are subject to weather.

Links Cafe: in The Hub, Ideal for brekkie, coffees, lunch-time sarnies, and all-day snacks, located at the Links bar. Links Cafe is open everyday.

Links Bar: order food like bar snacks and small plates from the bar menu and take it wherever you like. Our fave spots? The back lawn and Links Garden. Want a more serene spot? Try the Library, or even on a deckchair in the Screening Room.

Pizza: Fancy a slice (or six)? Head straight to the Links Bar on Friday and Saturday nights and try one of our Birch-made pizzas to takeaway and enjoy wherever you please.

What about drinks?

The Links Bar is our main bar in The Hub. Cocktails, beer, wine on tap… Drink up.

Frick Bar is primarily to serve Valeries, but if we’re quiet, we’ll happily shake you up a cocktail.

It’s the weekend and for reasons I don’t want to share on a FAQs page, I want someone to look after my kids. Can you help?

Yep. This is what Young Adventurers Club (that’s our name for it, you might just call it ‘childcare’) is for. Our experienced Forest School team will take care of your young saplings for 2 hours of outdoor fun and adventure available on Saturday 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm.

In Young Adventurers Club, they’ll explore the woods, play games, and get involved in a range of nature-connecting activities. Like making tree swings and mud pies, or getting familiar with the farm and cooking. You can book Young Adventurers Club on our website or via a Placemaker.

Funday with Active London will be available on Sundays 10am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-4pm.

Both sessions are suitable for children aged 5-11 (those under 5 need to be accompanied by a parent).

I haven’t booked any events or classes. Can I still join one? And how do I know what is on today?

See what’s on at our events  or  classes  page. You can book through there. Or, head to Reception and you can see that day’s schedule. The Placemakers can get you booked onto things and chat to you about what’s what.  

Yes, it’s best to book this stuff in advance. However, there’s plenty going on so we’ll do our best to get you into something. 

Here’s how to book:

1. Head to the Events or Classes page.

2. Tap on the ‘BOOK NOW’ button for the event or class you fancy.

3. A pop-up will appear asking for your confirmation number (this is on the first email you got to confirm your stay) and surname. Please make sure to identify your guests.

4. Enter that info and begin booking.

Already booked but need reminding of your timings etc.? Go through the process just mentioned and you’ll be taken to a page with all your bookings.

Want to book a treatment?

Take a look at what we have on offer here. Then choose your treatment, day and time, and book here.

Got a question about Treatments? Let us know.

Final one… When is the Wellness Space open?

Wellness Space
Monday – Friday (6.30am – 9pm)
Saturday – Sunday (8am – 7pm)

Monday (10am – 3pm)
Thursday (10am – 6pm)
Friday – Sunday (10am – 7pm)

P.S. If you can’t find what you need, don’t have want you want, or just fancy a natter, our Placemakers are there to chat. No question too small or silly.

Right, enough of all the questions already. Just come see for yourself.