Time off for the always on

Birch gives you the time and freedom to pause, think, create, and savour.

All so you feel energised and inspired, with new ideas and stories to tell.

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Birch is an intervention from the judgements, expectations, and constraints of daily life. An escape for the explorers. A catalyst for the curious.

Socially conscious

At Birch we reuse and repair, make full use of produce, and work hard to minimise our impact wherever possible. This is why you might see a few mended cracks around or be given something you’ve never eaten before.

Time to dis(connect)

When was the last time you did something creative on your phone? Or watched a life-changing programme on TV? Pretty rare occasions. At Birch you can switch off – deleting the noise and expectation. Less scrolls and trolls. More walking and talking.

Lido swim

Open spaces

Birch is basically a funfair for adults. A place where you can go outside, walk around, and be yourself. Put your feet on the sofas. Bring mud inside. See, hear, smell, touch, and taste as you wish.

New tribes

Meet a kindred spirit. Learn something different. Share a drink… A community of interested, and interesting, people live, work, and play at Birch. You can tap into, and out of, this community as much as you want, for as long as you want.


Whether you’re with us for a day or night, work or weekend, we want to leave you in a better place than when you found us. 





See you out there…

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