CBD  Tea Ceremony & Sound Bath

Sunday – (3rd October) 2pm

(1.5 hours)

The CBD Tea Ceremony

You’ll begin the workshop with a CBD-infused tea blended with calming herbs. This helps rest and shift your mind, and prepares your body for the restorative qualities of sound therapy. The CBD is completely optional, so if you would prefer an alternative herbal infusion, please email wellness@birchcommunity.com before you arrive.

The Yoga

You’ll then head into a sequence of movement and breath practices. These will open your body, soothe your nervous system, and ease areas of tension. This sequence is designed to help us be more receptive to the therapeutic nature of the sound bath, and to allow the calming properties of the CBD to be felt. 

The Sound Bath

You’ll finish with a well-earned period of rest. Get cosy, lie down, and close your eyes… You’ll drop into a textured soundscape weaved from an array of healing instruments, including Urmi’s powerful gong and deeply soothing singing bowls. This brings you into a state of deep meditation, helping you rest and release physically held emotions.

About Urmi Sound 

Urmi Sound is a co-creation between London-based couple Joseph and Dan, who have combined their studies in yoga, music, and contemplative practices around the world to share the ancient medicine of sound through ceremony. 

This workshop is open to all levels. Please bring comfortable clothing and arrive with an open mind ready for the journey ahead.


Ages 16+