BREATHE: Oxygen Advantage workshop

Tuesday 20th July: 11am & 3pm

2 hours long

This summer at Birch we are offering The Midweeker, a new type of stay from Monday to Thursday that offers a wide range of incredible experiences for guests. Commencing on 12th July and set over eight consecutive weeks, each week will be both a celebration and exploration into a different theme.

For our second week, our theme is Breathe and we are excited to be partnering with some amazing talent to provide a 4-day programme full of fun and interesting opportunities.

In these 2-hour workshops, combining breath work, yoga and meditation, you will discover and learn about Oxygen Advantage with master instructor Daniela Rubino.

It is now very well documented that long term stress exerts more harm on the body than anything else. One if the most damaging symptoms of long term stress is habitual over-breathing. Which essentially means breathing in excess of what we need. Breathing in excess causes a reduction of carbon dioxide in the blood which limits blood flow, reducing oxygenation to the heart and brain.

In these uncertain and challenging times of varying stress levels and anxiety we are prone to over breathe, which means the brain receives less oxygen. This is exactly why it’s so difficult to think clearly under stress – how can a brain that is deprived of oxygen be expected to work properly?

First Daniela will outline the science behind the key pillars to breathing optimally. Then will teach a range of breathing exercises that ensure optimal breathing – this will help reduce anxiety and create more focus – allowing the body to enter the flow state, by increasing oxygen flow to the brain and cells. You will then continue the breath work exercises combining them with yoga poses and mediation.

£30 / person

Ages 16+

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