BREATHE: Breathe & Connect

Saturday 24th July – 10.30am

This summer at Birch we are offering The Midweeker, a new type of stay from Monday to Thursday that offers a wide range of incredible experiences for guests. Commencing on 12th July and set over eight consecutive weeks, each week will be both a celebration and exploration into a different theme.

For our second week, our theme is Breathe and we are excited to be partnering with some amazing talent to provide a 4-day programme full of fun and interesting opportunities.

Harness the power of your breath to release emotional and physical blockages by joining Virginie Khateeb, founder of The Holding Space for 90 minutes of life-affirming breathwork.

This breathwork-out uses the simplest yet the most powerful healing tool available to you – your breath. Combined with a powerful mix of tools and techniques, such as self-massage, toning sounds, movement, affirmations and visualisation, it opens up the respiratory system — sometimes for the first time — flooding the body with Life Force Energy. It releases tension, unwanted or buried feelings, detoxifies, improves mental clarity, focus and creativity and restructures the internal systems giving room for aliveness, joy and laughter to emerge. Everyone welcome.

Ages 16+