Birch Talks: Waking Up To Your Full Potential in 2022

Tuesday 11th January: 6pm

(1 hour)

In order to reach our full potential, we must first find contentment and appreciation for the life we already have. We can uncover this by finding ways to be more aware of our inner critic and bring to the surface the potential that lays dormant within us. Once we uncover our purpose, we have the ability to boost those around us with kindness, increase our happiness, raise our performance, and wake up to our full potential.

We often set New Year resolutions that are unrealistic and more often than not, don’t make it past week 3 in January. In this talk, you will take away small adjustments that will make a difference and easily fit into your busy lives. Learn ways to boost your mindset, let go of what’s holding you back, raise your vibration, lower your stress levels, and be given techniques so you switch off at night to recharge and recover.

FREE / person

Ages 16+