Birch Talks: The Art of Not Giving a F*CK

For many, the eagerness to please is a way of life and can lead to us saying yes a lot more than we say no. People pleasing stems from a deep desire to make others feel good so that we can in turn feel good about ourselves. Over time, pleasing people can become a way of life and can have a pretty big impact on our health + wellbeing. In this talk Life Coach Reeha explores why we people please and the long lasting implications of it on our mind and body.

We then focus on the everyday habits we can choose to help find positive and uplifting ways to shift our mindset away from helping others, to helping ourselves first. You’ll leave this talk feeling more conscious of the choices you make when you say YES and feel more confident saying NO without the guilt and shame that used to follow!

Reeha is the founder of Mighty You, a Life + Wellness Coaching community that helps you create environments that let you be your best self-everyday!

Ages 16+

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