Autumn Equinox: Cacao Ceremony Elemental Movement & Sound

Come together in celebration of the Autumnal Equinox, when day & night are of equal length. Traditionally, the Autumn equinox was the time to honour the harvest. Metaphorically, it refers to the harvest of goals and intentions you set or planted when the year started and how those have been evolving or growing. “Now more than ever, due to the global pandemic situation, I think we have lost the sense of time and seasons, as our lives became more mundane than ever. That’s why Equinoxes become so relevant, (they help us) be aware that the year is coming to its end”.
Following this idea, the Autumn equinox becomes the perfect time of the year to reconnect with your true self and deepen the spiritual connection with nature and life. Spiritually, this seasonal change is related to growth and expansion. Gratitude, prosperity and cleanse are the main drivers for small rituals or ceremonies to fill and prepare your mind for good energies.
What to expect: Cacao Circle Ceremony, guided free movement through the elements honouring the transitions of the seasons, followed by a soothing Sound Bath of Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Ocean Drums, Koshi chimes & shamanic instruments.

Ages 16+

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