AMPLIFY: Power Nap – Pre-Party Care Package

Friday 19th November: 6.30pm

(1 hour)

Picture this: It’s a Friday, the working week has felt way longer than it should, but the promise of a fun weekend looms big in your diary.

Need a little recovery time, a reboot and recharge – Power Nap is for you – the perfect start for your weekend.

We take a moment to shake off the working week, practice a yogic sleep (yes that’s a thing, and its just laying down and listening) then we move back into our refreshed and re energised bodies and get party ready for the weekend and all that it entails.

Come join us – no yoga experience necessary at all.



Pip Roberts is a yoga facilitator, mentor, reiki practitioner, heavy meditator, sound therapist, owner of Now Studio (Bristol), and wellbeing event curator; Pip is all about connecting.

Bringing a light-hearted realness to the world of wellness, cutting through all the bullshit and giving you the space to feel into what these practices do for you and tuning into what you need in this moment.

£10 / person

Ages 16+