Amplify: Fit Dance Axe

What is it?… Axé as a concept is not exactly a musical genre or movement, at least it was not created for that purpose. its meaning: positive energy. The Axé dance consists of interpreting the songs through their choreography, which are not very difficult, they are full of energy and dynamism. Samba, Frevo, Afro and Lambada-aerobic steps are used in this dance. This fusion of rhythms makes the Axé fun, energetic, full of joy and positive energy.

It is a dance that transports you to the sensuality and joy of the carnivals of Bahia – Brazil. It is a dance that will not leave you indifferent and which is perfect to combat everyday stress.

This class is for both men and women, regardless of age or physical condition. The intensity of the class is marked by the person who does it, this allows a good adaptation to this dance and provides an evolution in physical performance, as well as in coordination, body control, musicality and posture. In addition to improving self-esteem.

It is a perfect activity for aerobic exercise, toning up, working on mobility and body flexibility, accompanied by cheerful and positive music.

Ages 16+

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