Birch Talks: Spring Awakening: Stepping Into Your Light

Wednesday 30th March: 6pm

(1 hour)

Time for Spring Cleaning – out with the old, in with the new –┬ábut before we step into a new light, we need to take a look back over the first quarter of the year. How far have we come? What have you achieved? What do we still need to let go of? What is holding us back? Do we need to revisit intentions that were set at the beginning of the year that have fallen by the wayside?

Cast off the layers and lay yourself open to new possibilities and opportunities. The return of the light, the warm air and the earth awakening after a long winter encourages us to listen to what is yearning to come forth and blossom within us.

Do you want to bring something new into your life, what is it you want to work towards? By setting clear intentions, getting clear with what you really want and how you want to feel, you are subconsciously taking steps towards all that you desire, giving you the confidence to step into the light.

FREE / person

Ages 16+