Birch Talks: Quantum – Touch Energy Healing

Wednesday 29th June: 6pm

1 hour long (approx.)

Once you understand the scientific Quantum-Touch healing principles you will:

– Understand resonance and entrainment and why they influence absolutely everything in our lives

– Know why exactly why you feel great around certain people

– What has to happen for lasting healing to happen

– Understand how Life Force Energy stimulates the body to rebalance and heal

– Understand the difference between Quantum-Touch and Reiki

– Learn why pain is easily reduced and even eliminated with Quantum-Touch

In this session Karina will demonstrate on a participant how hip bones easily glide back into alignment with just a light touch using energy, awareness and intention. You will learn exactly why Quantum-Touch energy healing gives powerful results and why it is used by many medical professionals and people all over the world.

Ages 16+

FREE (booking still required)

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