Explore: Release Tension with Acupuncture

Saturday 28th May: 3:30pm

(1 hour)

An introduction to the ancient healing system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this workshop you will have the chance to experience acupuncture in a supported group setting with the opportunity to share experiences and ask questions about your own health and wellbeing.

Claire our Birch resident acupuncturist will then talk the group through a brief mindful meditation whilst inserting needles to encourage the free flow of qi (life force). Everyone will lie quietly for 20 minutes whilst the needles work their magic.

Chronic stress is endemic in our society today and it has a profound effect on your mental and physical well-being. Acupuncture treats you holistically, balancing the mind, body and soul to encourage a deep sense of relaxation.

*All needles are single use and sterile.


Claire Thorne, founder of Hackney Holistic, is our resident acupuncturist at Birch, If you have any health concerns or are unsure if you can attend, please contact the wellness team who will be happy to help: wellness@birchcommunity.com.

£40 / person

Ages 16+