The Zen Den: Unbound Hypnosis: Deeper Healing

Sunday 26th June: 3:30pm

2 hours long (approx.)

Unbound Hypnosis is a language which speaks directly to your unconscious mind and all you have to do is learn in order to access a well of knowledge. Through Hypnosis we can release fears, anxiety, traumatic experiences, physical pain and negative beliefs that effect your confidence and how you feel daily. This is because all you have seen, all you believe is stored in the unconscious mind.

Unbound Hypnotherapy is new, ground breaking style of hypnosis which uses the language of the mind to help you journey into your unconscious and heal from the inside out.

During this workshop, you will be guided into understanding how your mind works, how to heal parts of your past and instil new beliefs for the future. Facilitated by certified master hypnotherapist and healer Ruth Anne Adams, you will learn how to perform self-hypnosis, use psychosensory technics to shift blocks that are holding back and begin to have a mind that works for you, not against you.

Ages 16+

£25 / person (booking still required)

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