Mindful Birthing Day Retreat

Sunday 24th April: 9am-5pm

Baby-mooning at Birch? Get ready for your baby’s birth in the most relaxing of ways with Emiliana – hypnobirthing teacher, doula and founder of The Mindful Birth Group.

During this unique 1-day birth preparation workshop, you will learn about what your options are, from birth place options, pain relief options and what kind of interventions may be offered so that you can feel calm and in control however birth happens. This workshop isn’t about planning a perfect birth, it’s about having a positive experience, no matter how you meet your baby.

We will talk through how to create the optimal birthing environment in order to support the physiology of birth, and you’ll learn why this is important for the postnatal period too.

Once you understand what your options are and how to support the physiology of birth and the postnatal period, you’ll learn practical tools and techniques to support your mind, because where the mind leads, the body follows.

The content is rooted in science- no funny business (as hypnobirthing is traditionally associated with!).

Birth partners are encouraged to attend too as their role is vital for a calm and positive birth experience.

This is the only course you will need to take for preparing for your baby’s birth, as you’ll also have access to The Mindful Birth Group monthly postnatal preparation live Zoom calls and ongoing support via Whatsapp with Emiliana right up until you meet your baby.

Need to know:

1) The class fee is for 2 people – taking the course with your birth partner is recommended but it’s also possible to come along with a friend or by yourself too

2) Class size is 6 couples maximum

3) Class includes Birch breakfast pastries, lunch, drinks and snacks throughout the day, a Birch mindfulness activity & a bag full of goodies

4) The recommended time to take the course is between 24-34 weeks of pregnancy but it’s never too early or too late to learn and relax.

£395 / per couple