Pottery: Pit firing with Studio Ranj

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st November: 3pm

3 hours long (each session)

Learn the fun, exciting, and unpredictable outdoor pottery decoration technique with Studio Ranj. Spread across two afternoons this weekend, Ranj will give you two small hand-thrown vessels and teach you how to decorate them using reused and foraged combustible items (sawdust, coffee grounds, seaweed) which will leave behind beautiful organic patterns on the unglazed clay after firing. After preparing your pots in the studio, you will be shown how to fire them in an outdoor pit by lighting a bonfire and watching it burn as the sun sets.

The following afternoon you will join Ranj for the big reveal; sifting through the ashes of the fire to retrieve your pieces, cleaning them up, discussing the results, and sealing them before taking them home.

Need to know:

This very special experience is spread over two afternoons (3-6pm each session) and the price covers both sessions. You will work with beautiful pre-made pots by Ranj, which you will then decorate and discover the wonders of pit firing outside in our grounds at Birch.

£90 / person

Ages 16+

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