Block printing (Family session) with Ellen Rock

Saturday 20th August: 10:30am & 12:30pm

2 hours long

Join London-based print artist and designer Ellen Rock for a relaxing workshop where she leads participants in creating their own symbol and learning a new skill in block printing.

Also known as lino-printing, the method involves using small tools for engraving to carve and create your own stamp – you can keep and use the stamp forever!

You will then print your own range of greeting cards or postcards using a roller and ink!

Need to know:

1) This is a family session, perfect for parents and children to do together. Only one place is necessary to book if doing with your child.

2) As long as you’re happy on the understanding that children will be taking part in this workshop, all adults are very welcome to take part (with child or not)

3) You will take away a pack of either 5 postcards or 5 greeting cards… your choice!

£45 / person

Ages 5+

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