The Zen Den: Deep Rest & Restore

Sunday 20th February: 4.30pm

(1 hour)

Indulge and melt away the outside world in a 60 minute yoga nidra practice with Virginie. breathwork coach and reiki teacher at the Holding Space. The session will begin with restorative breathwork accompanied by some restful movement to fully relax the body. Virginie will then guide you into a deep and rejuvenating yoga nidra meditation.

Yoga nidra is a state of conscious deep sleep that unwinds the nervous system and induces complete physical and mental relaxation. It is said that a 30-minute yoga nidra practice is equivalent to 2-4 hours of sleep. The benefits are immediate, from reduced stress to deep rest. Following this practice, you feel deeply rested and restored. This workshop is for anyone, regardless of yoga experience.

£10 / person

Ages 16+