Birch Talks: Ditch the Diet and Find Balance

Wednesday 19th January: 6pm

1 hour long (approx.)

Looking to make a long lasting change to your health in 2022? Then new year crash diets are not the way forward. Notice every year you start a diet and then 2 weeks in your back to your old patterns? Yep, you’re not alone! That’s the problem with crash diets… they don’t work! When we can change our mindset, and focus on food as nourishment – the medicine that it really is and we make sustainable lifestyle changes it can be truly transformational.

Join our in house nutritionist Grace Carey-Caton in this 1 hour workshop to finally learn how to ditch January diets, improve your relationship with food to optimise your health & wellbeing and kick start your 2022 with a fresh outlook!

FREE / person (booking still required)

Ages 16+

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