Birch Talks: You Are Not Alone

Wednesday 18th May: 6pm

1 hour long (approx.)

We all experience loneliness from time to time, You know how it feels, but do you know where it comes from and what to do when it shows up?

The theme this year for Mental Health Awareness week is loneliness. In this interactive talk, you’ll get to know the stories and beliefs you hold about what it means to be lonely. We’ll also break down the commonly-held fear behind being alone. By unpacking our beliefs and assumptions about loneliness, you’ll learn how to empower yourself to handle loneliness when it shows up. We’ll also discuss how to create connection with ourselves and with others to spring us out loneliness dips.

Expect honest conversations and a safe space to explore amongst friends.

FREE / person (booking still required)

Ages 16+

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