Birch Talks: Eating for a Good Night’s Sleep

Wednesday 16th March: 6pm

1 hour long (approx.)

We all know how much better we feel after a good night’s sleep. But do you know how sleep also impacts our hunger-regulating hormones, immune system and much more? In celebration of World Sleep Day In this session, we will cover:

• The far-reaching importance of sleep
• Circadian rhythm – what’s the big deal?
• Nutrition and lifestyle factors affecting sleep
• Nutrition and supplements to improve sleep quality
• Sleep hygiene – the importance of a bedtime routine



Sophie is a Registered Nutritional Therapist, passionate about empowering individuals to optimise their health. She sees clients on a 1:1 basis, helping them with a variety of concerns such as low energy, weight management, gut health issues, anxiety, poor sleep and skin conditions.  

FREE / person (booking still required)

Ages 16+

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