Explore: ABODY4LIFE: The Benefits of Self-Treatment

Saturday 14th May: 3:30pm

(1.5 hours)

If you’re a person that suffers from injuries, aches and pains, headaches, stress and poor range of movement, this session is ideal for you.

This is a gentle, exploratory experience designed to raise awareness of the power of self-treatment and therapeutic stretching. Hosted by Stretch & Sports Therapist, Isobel Cripps, she will encourage you to tune in and embrace your natural instinct to stretch, feel and heal your own body.

The session will begin with a mindful Body Scan where your awareness will be brought to areas of tension and discomfort. Isobel will then guide you through a series of gentle stretches and techniques that lengthen muscles and relieve tension.

She will also guide you through a simple 5 minute morning stretch routine to support good blood flow, better posture and improved energy levels, followed by a 3 minute night time stretch routine for a more nourishing night’s sleep.

This session will leave you feeling empowered, positive, relaxed and more knowledgeably in tune with what your body needs.

£10 / person

Ages 16+