Amplify: Deep Listening – Psychedelic Embodied Listening Through Sound

Friday 11th February: 6.30pm

(1 hour 15 minutes)

Join this embodied sonic journey to experience a psychedelic-inspired listening experience from Jon Hopkins’ latest record. Taking you inside the Tayos Caves in Ecuador, this is a full-bodied listening experience that uses the soundscapes to draw you deeper into the inner landscape of your body. Learn about the neuroscience behind sound, psychedelics and embodiment and how we can reap major health benefits by drawing on the vibratory impact of sound on our physiology and interoception. The session is joined by Eileen Hall from Tayos to share insight from the cave’s expedition.

The rise of the psychedelic movement is showing us the power of mystical and altered states of consciousness on our mental, physical and emotional systems. Yet these deeply moving transcendent experiences can be accessed through other sensory forms, including Deep Listening – an experience that takes listening beyond the ears, and uses the full sensorial system of our bodies to feel into the sound vibrations that permeate our entire body.

Kinda Studios is a women-led creative neuroscience studio that translates science into creative experiences designed to foster connection to ourselves, each other, and nature. Sitting at the intersection of science and art, they work with award-winning researchers, artists and designers to produce pioneering work across the visual arts, sound, and immersive media to accelerate science out of the lab and into the public realm

£25 / person

Ages 16+