Birch Talks: Angus Hyland (Artist of the month)

Thursday 9th December: 6pm

1 hour long (approx.)

It is no secret that we love art at Birch. You will find eye-catching works and murals in all corners of our buildings and spaces, and to celebrate that further we are continuing our recently launched ‘Artist of the month’ series – shining further light on the creatives we’re championing.

As part of this spotlight we are hosting an ongoing series of monthly in-conversation talks to an audience – and we’d love you to be there! These free-to-attend talks will add further context, personality and relevance to the pieces you see on our walls at Birch, as well as providing a great moment of entertainment and inspiration for our community.

In December we are highlighting the much admired graphic painter and designer Angus Hyland, who’s latest collection of works ‘Looking For A Certain Ratio’ is now on show within the Mansion House at Birch.

The collection’s title is taken from the Brian Eno song ‘The Third Wheel’, and the brightly coloured geometric works find Angus exploring a series of bold compositions, each set around three or more reference points. Each piece connects to three different design systems (the golden ratio, ISO and the rule of thirds) that combine to give each painting a natural balance between the shapes and negative space.

Find out more about this intriguing series by joining Angus for a live ‘in conversation’ talk with experienced design writer, art enthusiast and Birch member, Gavin Lucas.

Download the full catalogue here.

FREE / person (booking still required)

Ages 14+

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