Enchanted Cinema: Royalty, Rebels & Eccentrics

Friday 3rd June: 4pm

1h long

Join us this on the Queen’s Jubilee at Birch for a unique, participatory cinema event entitled ‘Royalty, Rebels & Eccentrics’.

Designed specifically with families and children in mind (but welcome to all), we invite you to join musicians Gareth & Kieron to create soundtracks to a century of hand-crafted, beautiful & moving animation using instruments and FX that will be provided (or you’re very welcome to bring your own), or simply use your voice!

To add to the fun, we encourage all attendees (big or small) to come dressed in your finery! Princes, princesses, queens, kings, whatever you’d like.

The films:

1) The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) – a film as old as the Queen! A valiant prince gets into all sorts of scrapes on a magical horse, while two wizards transform into animals in a visually stunning duel.

2) Big Underground Ball (1987) – elfin princesses and rebellious goblins have a rambunctious time (with cyberpunk hairdos).

3) Where the Wild Things Are (1973, with live narration) – Max meets strange halflings with gnashing teeth and becomes their king.

4) Hedgehog in the Fog (1975) – Winner of the Laputa Film Festival “Best Animation of All Time” – an eccentric hedgehog gets lost in the fog and is rescued by a benevolent spirit.

Need to know:

1) This is a live score, participatory event where everyone is encouraged to join in, have fun and create some magic.

2) Dressing up is not compulsory at all, only if you want to and feel comfortable.

FREE / person (Booking a space is essential though)

All ages (Children under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult)

Got a question? Just drop our Experience Makers a line at reservations@birchcommunity.com