An Escape for the Explorers

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17/18/19 June 2022

Birch Arising is a brand new summer solstice celebration capturing the magic, spirit and intimacy of all the best loved festivals.

This is THE party we’ve dreamt of hosting since Birch was just a concept.

A compilation of our greatest hits that sees every corner of Birch coming together to create an occasion like no other.


Enough of the mysterious hype.

Click on the buttons below to find out all about it and book your stay / ticket.


Work out. Wander around. Make things, bake things, play things.


From The Zebra Riding Club to Valeries, our drinks bars to our juice bar, there’s plenty on the menu at Birch.

Kitchen 2

Your new playground

Become a member and get an access all areas pass to Birch… Drop into an event or workshop. Drink in one of our three bars. Work in The Hub. Work out in the Wellness Space. Stop us if we’re boring you…