Our little life update – May

We are now well into lockdown and life continues to deal blows to friends, colleagues and families all around the world. For every pain, for every loss, our heart goes out to you. It goes without saying that this crisis has bought some well needed love and humanity along with it, reminding many of us of the real world in which we live. We hate the losses but are thankful for the reconnection.

Even today, in what appears to be the midst of the pandemic, life after COVID is still hard to fathom. Will things return to normal? When? For how long? The questions are endless.

What do we think at Birch?

Life is life, it always has been. We set out on this journey to rebalance the distortion of what was the old ‘norm’, taking people away from real life and from the moment. We have always wanted to reconnect people to the world, themselves and others – it is still our intention and we will be there for you, whatever life post COVID looks like.

The world as we knew it may have slowed, but we can tell you firsthand that nature hasn’t. Far from it, it is thriving, loving it. Our rescue chickens have regrown feathers, our new trees in the orchard have their first blossom and the seeds we planted are waving at us doing the dance that we cannot.

What does this all mean for Birch?

Do we have a plan? Yes

Will it change? Yes… Well it will evolve as we know more about post-lockdown life, but we will be there, prepped and ready for you.

Will we have a full cleanliness and safety plan when we open with everything that is going on? This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway… Yes, we’ll have a designated Covid safety guide in place for our opening. While we won’t do a PR campaign about how innovative and thorough it is (hopefully we’ll all have better things to do by then), you can rest assured that it will be both.

Will we be ready to reunite friends? F*** yeah

At the moment, we reckon that a mid to late summer opening is now most likely. We are in talks with some amazing friends to put on some incredible programming – we hope that you will come share it with us and when we have more details, when life becomes a bit clearer, you will be the first to know.

See you in the summer and in the meantime, if you want anything, be it advice on how to grow your own produce, how to bake a sourdough, how to find more energy or what tunes to listen to, We’re happy to lend a hand – just ask hello@birchcommunity.com

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay human.

Chris & Chris

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Birch (handle.silk.comet) is a space where you can release and reset for a day or night, work or weekend.


Sleep, do, eat and meet in 55 acres of nature just 30 minutes north of London.


Work out. Wander around. Make things, bake things, play things.


From The Zebra Riding Club to Valeries, our drinks bars to our juice bar, there’s plenty on the menu at Birch.

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